Friday, August 16, 2013

What Do I Believe Our Schools Should Be? #SAVMP

What Do I Believe Our Schools Should Be? #SAVMP

Earlier this week my husband and I went to his brother’s house for dinner with the family. His brother Grant and wife Vicki have adorable two year old Emily and newborn Edward. As it typically goes for young families with small children, one parent fixed dinner while one chased the toddler. I had the job of snuggling with my 6 week old nephew while they talked about how both of their children are already exhibiting different personalities. Grant said that Edward is calm, full of smiles, and is an easy going baby. Vicki said that even as a small baby Emily was more like her. Emily ran from toy to video to sofa while her mom speculated that her daughter will likely be on student council, maybe in a sport, and worried about her grades. Edward on the other hand, according to Grant, will likely chill at home, while his sister runs around. Listening to them talk about their kids and seeing their eyes look at the full potential of each one of them made me think about what I believe our schools should be.
Emily Winding Down
I kept thinking about Emily and Edward as I walked to a local coffee shop with my friend Audrey over the weekend. I have watched Audrey’s daughter Hope grow since kindergarten and now Audrey was talking about Hope’s final year at college, the University of Redlands. She was also looking at her daughter’s potential. Hope was an English major and was considering her options for after graduation. Audrey had helped both of daughters through private college, watching the older Holly graduate with a degree in Religious Studies and struggle to find a job. She knew an English major would not lead to an instant career, either. Despite student loans and lack of an instant job for her children at graduation, Audrey was happy both of them studied where they were most interested and chose degrees that made them happy.

I think that is how I believe how our schools should be. They should be a place where young children explore, run from one activity to another (maybe Emily or even Edward), and find their passions. I want Vicki, Grant, Audrey, and all parents to know that their children’s potential and their dreams are safe with me and nurtured by me. When I look at their children I am inspired to work harder and to help them find their future.

So next week when my 12 and 13 year olds return, I will see my niece and nephew, and I will see the young lady I have known since kindergarten. I will nurture their dreams, I will help them find their passions. I don’t want to let them or their parents down. 

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